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Where is your surgery center?

Our surgical Center is located at 1200 Binz, Suite 101 (First floor), Houston, TX, 77004. See map

How is surgery scheduled?

Medical assistants will review the surgery process during your clinic visit and then send you to our surgery scheduler who again will confirm all of the information has been given to you. The process involves reviewing the preoperative instructions, obtaining consent for surgery and prescriptions for postoperative pain and nausea is given. Prescriptions for therapy or splints required after surgery is requested from your insurance carrier during your preoperative scheduling so you will receive it timely. The preoperative instructions include: NPO status which means that the night before surgery you should not have anything to eat or drink. If this rule is violated your surgery will be cancelled to avoid the risk of aspiration during the use of a general anesthetic.

Personal valuables like jewelry should be left at home and you should dress in loose fitting clothes to avoid difficulty dressing and undressing after surgery. You cannot have surgery unless you have a designated driver to drive you home. It is a national policy which we adhere to of not allowing patients to drive the day of surgery. If you do not have transportation the day of surgery, your surgery will be cancelled.

Who obtains insurance authorization for my surgery?

Surgery coordinators will assist in scheduling you for surgery and obtaining approval from your insurance carrier to schedule surgery. The surgical coordinator will also contact you 3 days prior to your surgery to confirm that all lab work and preoperative medical consultation has been obtained if ordered and to answer any final questions. The surgery coordinator will assign surgery check-in time the day before surgery. You will check in at 1200 Binz, suite 101, Houston, Tx 77004

What medicines should I take the day of surgery?

The pre-op nurse will give you pre-op instructions to the admissions clerk who will be calling you the day before your surgery. This will include any medications you should take the morning of surgery. Do not take any medications unless instructed to do so. Any type of blood thinners including Plavix, Coumadin, Aspirin products or anti-inflammatory medications should be avoided at least one week prior to your surgical date.

Do you have overnight service if the surgery is finished very late?

We are sorry. There is no overnight service at this time.

What should I do the day before surgery?

You may eat and drink normally until 12:00 midnight. Pick out loose clothing to wear the day of surgery that is comfortable. Get plenty of rest.

What happens the day of my surgery?

Your first stop is at the surgical center check in desk where you will be greeted by an account representative who prepares your surgical chart, has you sign a facility consent form, and will then accompany you to the preoperative area. Your family will be directed to wait in the waiting area or will be given pagers so that they can roam around the hospital until your doctor is ready to speak with them once your surgery is concluded.

After you are brought back to the Preoperative Holding Area, you will change in your surgical gown and cap and place your valuables in a safe locker that you will have the key for or give it to a family member. A nurse will greet you, review your medical chart and start an IV. A board Certified anesthesiologist will again review your medical history in more detail and assure all preoperative lab tests and documentation are accurately reflected in the chart by again asking you pertinent medical questions. If your surgery is to be done with a regional anesthetic block where only the arm or leg is anesthetized, it will be coordinated with the surgery team so that the anesthetic affect has taken effect just prior to your surgical procedure.
Patients who have something to eat or drink after midnight or who have not obtained their preoperative medical clearance will be cancelled at this point and rescheduled at a future date.

After your preoperative evaluation is complete, you will be on hold much like a plane is held in the runway until cleared for takeoff. When called into the surgical suite, you will go into the room and either have a general anesthesia or will have surgery with a regional anesthetic that is performed in the holding preoperative area. Once you surgery is performed you will be transferred to the recovery room area where specialized nurses trained in postoperative recovery along with the help of our anesthesiologist will monitor your recovery from the anesthesia and treat your postoperative pain. Once your recovery from anesthesia is complete, which takes about an hour, you will redress, receive a postoperative instruction form and be placed in a wheelchair to be transported to your family’s vehicle. It is imperative someone is there to drive you home. If no one is there to drive you home, your surgery will be cancelled.


How long will it take to recover from a conditon?

The time it takes to recover from a condition varies with each condition from weeks in a contusion, muscle sprain, ligament strain, or simple fracture. Conditions that are complex like a joint replacement or repair of a massive rotator cuff tear may take up to six months to reach full recovery.

What if I have questions postoperatively?

Prior to your post-op office visit, questions will be addressed by the physician on call after hours and by your treating surgeon or medical assistant during regular clinic hours which is 8:00 AM  5:00 PM central time Mon  Fri. Tel: (713)520-1210

What happens in my first postoperative visit?

The physician will review your surgical findings, changing of your bandages and at times the removal of your sutures when indicated. Splints if required will be available at that time and therapy orders and a home exercise program will be reviewed. Pain medication refills will also be given.


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