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How do I make an appointment?

All patients require an appointment, in order to be seen by a doctor. However, we will make same day appointments for injuries that have recently occurred or that require immediate attention. Non-urgent matters will receive appointments in less than 2 weeks, provided the necessary authorizations are obtained.

New Patient Scheduling:(713) 520-1210 (option 1)

Urgent Care Patient is coming to ROC for a possible surgery:  (713) 520-1210

What should I take for the first visit?

To make the most of your clinic visit, please bring the following personal medical information with you to the appointment:

  • Referral from your primary care physician (PCP), when required.
  • Insurance information
  • Insurance card
  • Picture Identification
  • Previous operative reports
  • Actual films and reports of any previous x-rays, MRI or CT scans
  • List of allergies and any medications you are taking
  • Previous medical records related to your condition

What can I expect when arriving to my appointment?

When you arrive to your appointment, check in with front desk personnel.

How to change or cancel an existing appointment?

If you need to make changes to your existing appointment, please give the clinic 48 hrs notice to assign a new appointment accordingly.

New/Follow-up Patient Scheduling: (713) 520-1210 (option 1)

Can you remind me before the visit?

Yes, our automated reminder system will call you 2 days and the day before to confirm your appointment. Please provide us with the best phone number to reach you.

May I talk to a doctor directly?

Yes. Patients requesting to speak with the physician can leave a detail message with a Medical Assistant. Most calls will be returned during lunch time if the physician is available on break or at the end of clinic hours. Please keep in mind our physicians are in surgery every other day and might not be available all the time.

How are my symptoms evaluated by the doctor?

It generally takes a minimum of three visits to diagnose a complex problem and usually one visit for most presenting conditions.
You can email us, and one of our schedulers will contact you to guide your through the process.  Click here to contact us.
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